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“ ...Serving Hungry & Homeless Long Islanders
with Dignity, Respect and Love... ”

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The INN is a grass-roots, volunteer based agency that began with a simple mission of feeding hungry neighbors, within an atmosphere of dignity and respect. It was important that no one be asked any questions or show any proof of need.

Everyone is always treated as a guest, regardless of where they come from or what they look like. As long as each guest behaves in a socially acceptable manner, they are welcomed.

We have said from our very humble beginnings that anyone on one side of the counter could be on the other side. We are simply serving “ourselves” in different clothing and from different backgrounds and experiences. However, there are no differences in need…we all need to eat and to have a safe and warm place to sleep. It is truly a privilege to be of service and to have the resources available to be of assistance.

The INN has become a true conduit for people’s compassion and is a living example of how people of all faiths can share their common faith in humanity. The miracle of giving takes place each day at The INN. All we have to do is to show up and be a witness and loving participant.

We welcome you to come and visit The INN to see how you might be of help and to hear the remarkable ways your fellow Long Islanders make the miracle of giving a reality……which is why The INN is able to offer so much to so many.

Thank you for your interest. We’ll be waiting for you.
With love and gratitude,
Jean Kelly, Executive Director

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